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2023 Pro Side Putting Championships

What a way to close out the 2023 Pro Side Disc Golf putting season. We could not have done this without the support of the Algoma Disc Golf Community as well as our amazing host Soo Blaster.

The tournament was broken out into 3 divisions based on the round 1 score. Here are the full results.

C – Division
7th – Alivia Morin
6th – Beth Barban
5th – Jacquie Landry
4th – Brad Matheson
3rd – Jack White
2nd – Vince Guzzo
1st – Denver Black

B – Division
7th – Demi Hodgson
6th – Michael Boucher
5th – Ian Murdock
4th – Cori Murdock
3rd – Chad Ingram
2nd – Mark Wood
1st – Craig Matheson

A – Division
7th – Paul Allan
6th – Joey Boucher
5th – Scott White
4th – Matt Harris
3rd – Michael Skinner
1st – Noah Roode
1st – Keaton Schmidt

We are now looking forward to the summer season and are excited to announce our summer event lineup – Stay Tuned.

As for indoor putting & Soo Blaster, this is not good bye, it is just see you in the Fall.