Forged Supra


Flight Numbers: 5 | 5 | 0 | 1

Weight: 177+ g

Colour: Blue or Red

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The Finish Line Supra is the do-it-all mid-range designed by Drew Gibson who is known as one of the best mid-range throwers in all of disc golf. This workhorse of a mid range is highly capable, and easily holds many different lines. Providing a manageable disc for all players regardless of skill. The supra is a formidable disc that will easily be a go-to disc.

Durability 8
Softness 2
Grip 6
Forged is Finish Line’s Champion-Grade Disc Golf Plastic. Finish Line’s Forged Plastic combines a number of premium polymers to forge a plastic with next-level durability, consistency, and beauty. Designed to withstand the most extreme levels of use. Forged blend plastic is an optimal choice for every player.

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Blue, Orange


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