Prodiscus Premium Razeri


The flight pattern is 12 | 5 | 0 | 3
Weight: 168g

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The Prodiscus Razeri is a high speed driver that allows for very controlled distance shots. The overstable flight makes this disc a great option for forehand throws, as well as very long backhand shots for bigger arms.

Basic – The Basic plastic is a softer, rubbery plastic with excellent grip in all conditions. It can take a beating, but will get worn over time. It is great for putting even in the rain or cold.

Premium – The Premium plastic is a durable premium grade plastic. It has great grip and will retain its characteristics for long time. Premium plastic discs are a tiny bit more overstable than the other Prodiscus plastics. Premium discs are a little translucent and beautiful. *comparable plastic type is Prodigy 400

Ultrium – The Ultrium plastic combines excellent grip with outstanding durability. This opaque plastic provides the same feel be it dry, rainy, or cold conditions. *comparable plastic type is Kastaplast K1

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Orange, Red


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