Prodiscus Ultrium Respecti


The flight pattern is 8 | 4 | 0 | 2
Weight: 172g

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The Respecti is an overstable control driver that is great for strategic hooks, forehand throws, and overhand drives. This disc is not recommended for beginners. The Respecti is the first disc that Finnish manufacturer Prodiscus produced.

Basic – The Basic plastic is a softer, rubbery plastic with excellent grip in all conditions. It can take a beating, but will get worn over time. It is great for putting even in the rain or cold.

Premium – The Premium plastic is a durable premium grade plastic. It has great grip and will retain its characteristics for long time. Premium plastic discs are a tiny bit more overstable than the other Prodiscus plastics. Premium discs are a little translucent and beautiful. *comparable plastic type is Prodigy 400

Ultrium – The Ultrium plastic combines excellent grip with outstanding durability. This opaque plastic provides the same feel be it dry, rainy, or cold conditions. *comparable plastic type is Kastaplast K1


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