Yikun Dragon Line Bi


Speed 9 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 2

Weight: 173g

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The Yikun Discs Bi is a straight flying fairway driver. The Bi has a lot of glide that is going to give you a lot of distance along with a predictable slight fade at the end of the flight.

Yikun Plastics
Yikun has a great variety of plastic options available, learn about them below:

Tiger Line
Tiger Line is their base plastic. This plastic blend is very grippy and somewhat flexible. Making for a great putter plastic, or an affordable way to try out a disc.

Phoenix Line
The Phoenix Line is a durable premium plastic. It is a translucent long-lasting plastic built to withstand the demands of disc golf. This also has a variation of Phoenix Star, which adds some sparkles to the plastic.

Dragon Line
The Dragon Line is a premium plastic blend. It is a well blended plastic that offers decent grip and good longevity. It can feels very similar to latitude 64 GoldLine plastic.

Tortoise Line
Tortoise Line is the plastic that Yikun’s plastic blend that is used to create the SHELL overmold technology. This offers a smooth feeling disc and a long lasting plastic. The two plastics offers a more stiff inner plastic and a grippier outer plastic along the rim. Providing a highly durable and grippy disc.


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